We are an innovative Start-up, specialized in the realization of high-tech solutions. Our expertise and all technologies that We use come from Research, electronics, satellite applications and consist in HW devices realization, included firmware development, based on satellite navigation solutions and telecommunications.

We analyse each movement of the athlete

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)

Thanks to the application of a sophisticated system, based on GPS, We analyse in real time the position and movements of a team, department or of each athlete in order to improving physical and tactical performances.


The sport of the future future


Thanks to our Firmware and to our technology, with few clicks it is possible to observe in real time all the physical and tactical features of the athlete.


Not only sport sport

Safeguard our planet

A system which can measure surface deformations usable for environmental monitoring applications (landslide slopes, volcanoes, subsidence phenomenon, etc.) and infrastructural applications (pipelines, pylons, river basins, dams, bridges, buildings, etc.) through the use of single frequency GNSS networks receivers.


Precision, Technique

Migliora il tuo allenamento Improve your training

Analysed data are useful not only during competition but also during the training, in order to correct shortcomings and improve performances.