The project

The main objective of the project is the development of a new product, MagicwHand, which will enable an alternative way to visit the artistic, historical, and naturalistic place. MagicwHand is a smart band connected to a smartphone app that enables access to multimedia content only by pointing with our fingers. The content will enrich the tourist with new information about the history, the culture, and insights on the cultural tradition of regions. Moreover, the project foresees the possibility to receive notice about cultural events in that region. The project has been funded through POR FESR 2014-2020

MagicwHand is in line with the Regione Lazio’s smart specialization strategy and it could be framed into two specific specialization areas: “cultural heritage and cultural technologies” and “digital creative industries”. The main scope of the MagicwHand project is to further improve the centralization of the role of the tourist during its own personal discovery of cities and cultural sites. The idea is to use the point of view of the tourist to enable the cultural contents. This idea is sustainable thanks to the capillary spread of “mobile technologies” (smartphone, tablet, GPS receiver). Regions and cultural sites need to increase the opportunities to attract tourists, to meet these opportunities are fundamental to create a new free and personalized way of travel. MagicwHand made information freely available to know new cultural sites and live new experiences to stimulate our discovery will.

The project foresees a pilot development in the area of the village of Antrodoco, along the ancient roads of Via Salaria and Via Cecilia. The intermediate objectives of the project are: i) definition of knowledge transmission protocols and enhance the territories’ cultural heritage through the modern instruments ii) identification and characterization of the main point of interest for the regional development; iii) definition and development of new storytelling for different cultural branches (archaeology, geology, architecture, history, etc.).

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