EAGLE  is an innovative device, which integrates an high precision GNSS receiver with the capability of authenticating the position through the GNSS satellite signal recording, the I.D. satellite tracked, and their position in orbit. EAGLE introduces the possibility of a “Fluid Limited Traffic Zone”, in which fixed gates is no longer the standard method to regulate dynamically downtown access. Instead PA (Public Administration) can manage traffic in a new smarter way, implementing differential access to the city centre, based for example to a political rally, block-based pollution data, urban air quality and commercial activities. EAGLE  would be the next step in Smart Mobility management, through the implementation of signal authentication, which will allow offering a wide range of new application for public administration especially in the fields of traffic management, parking and law enforcing.

The core element of the system architecture is a cloud-based end to end interface which is capable of collecting and managing the consistent amount of data generated by EAGLE and other car sensors.
These device features are optimal for several applications on the automotive market, particularly related to mass transportation, logistics, law enforcement, transport of high risk materials (nuclear waste, oil and chemical components), but also for mass market application, especially to insurance related and road safety.

Technical Sheet EAGLE
GNSS connection Ublox M8T_GPS+GLONASS
Smartphone connection BLE (bluetooth Low Energy)
Power Supply 12V
PCB core size 41mm*42.5mm
Consumption 0.5 Watts
DC/DC converter switch from 12V to 5V

EAGLE is an on going project. Spaceexe has started a project in collaboration with Honda, Vitrociset and Antenna Provider, named H-GEAR.

H-GEAR started as an application of EAGLE services, especially to express its market potential in the sectors of safe roads and insurance. The H-Gear project aims to develop an eCall and anti-theft system based on Galileo for small and medium motorcycles. The system is composed by a device fully integrated with the frame or wiring of the motorcycle, a software suite for the monitoring and control of the eCall and anti-theft services and a user mobile application for the interaction with the end user. The system will be integrated by Honda within its SH model.

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