Following the exponentially growing interest in sustainable tourism, the Audiobike project's main purpose is to integrate the passion for biking and outdoor sports activities and the valorization of cultural sites characterized by wide-open spaces such as archeological sites and "open-air museum". Spacexe is going to design a multimedia "Audiobike", downloadable and modular for two target audiences: sportive and amateur. The Audiobike app is designed for biking and will take the tourist to discover the points of interest with audio storytelling enriched by photo, video, and augmented reality. The project has been co-funded with a grant of 192.000 Euro in the frame of the program "l'impresa fa cultura", funded by European Commision.

To find the most updated information and to download the App, please visit the dedicated webpage at the following link.

Audiobike project has been co-founded by Regione Lazio in the frame of "L'impresa fa Cultura" program. The key innovation point of Audiobike is the new logic of the framework: the contents meet the tourists proposing themself as a geo-spatial tale. The tourist connects the contents along with its biking path building a cultural tale associated with his geographic position. By using technologies to improve the accuracy in positioning, Spaceexe introduces an innovative feature to enable this kind of applicazion: a guide who suggests the deviations and stops to access further information or to advise of a particular suggestive view. Audiobike also enables different tales for the same path: historical, architectural, geological, etc. Every trip would have a different tale. The project will valorize two specific cultural sites: the Lubriano naturalistic Museum and the Appia Antica archeological park, between Fondi and Itri.



  • Accuracy through satellite technology in the user position,  in the localization of the points of interest Moreover, the app is an instrument to ensure the respect of the cultural site and the tourist security.
  • The tourist can choose among  different kinds of path following his main interest (archeological, naturalistic, gastronomic, etc.)  and share their favorite path
  • Multimedia contents (audio, photo, drone's images, and videos) completely available in audio and voice control mode, keeping the attention of the user in his surroundings.
  • Safety: in case of an accident,  the user will be able to call help with a simple click directly through the Audiobike app by sending its precise position.
  • Warning: the rules are important to avoid dangers and risks. Through the Geofence control, if a user trespass into a forbidden area, an alert will immediately be sent to the user and to the control center of the cultural site. 
  • Monitoring the flux of tourists: it is possible to signal a point of interest with a high number of people which would be incompatible with the covid-19 emergency. Counting the number of presences is extremely useful data for all the cultural sites where the entrance is free.

Audiobike is the first Spaceexe's project in the cultural tourism sector. Spaceexe aims to deploy its expertise in the design and development of miniaturized devices based on GNSS technology to valorize the Italian cultural heritage. The Audiobike project, which is strictly related to MagicwHand, aims to furnish the user with an instrument to find the unexplored treasures of  Italian open-air museums.



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