Structural and geophysical deformation monitoring has become, in recent years, increasingly important for the diagnosis and integrity of territories subject to strong geological hazards. To this purpose, Spaceexe has developed DEDALOS: a GNSS based completely autonomous system, dedicated to continuous monitoring of surface displacement to be used in areas subject to deformation, due to landslides of deep gravitational slopes or on critical infrastructures (dams, bridges, oil pipelines or buildings), subject to sinking, subsidence or more in general to external forces endangering their stability.

DEDALOS has gone through a long R&D process. DEDALOS first has been designed to bring to market a low-cost, lightweight and low energy consumption IoT solution for deformation monitoring and early-warning of hazards induced by geophysical phenomena (landsides, subsidence, sinking, etc.) or by man-made activities (excavations, injection/extraction of natural gases, etc.). After that, Spaceexe has developed a second version of DEDALOS named DEDALOS-SAT.

DEDALOS SAT  aimed at the improvement of the DEDALOS system providing a satellite data transmission interface as a backup for standard ground-based (mobile phone) network. Another objective of DEDALOS SAT project was to integrate GALILEO GNSS data (multi-constellation approach) to improve the reliability of service when visual impairment due to mountains or buildings may degrade the precision of GPS alone.

Technical Sheet DEDALOS GNSS
Receiver Ublox M8T_GPS+GALILEO
Antenna MOBI MBGPS GNS 30-001 frequency range 1575.42±10 MHZ, Gain 30±3 dBi. Optional (GPS+GLONASS): MOBI MBGPS GNS 30-001 frequency range 1590±20 MHZ, Gain 30±3 dBi or equivalent
Connectors Antenna: 2XSMA female, 3.3 V (different option on request)

Spaceexe foresees further development for DEDALOS. The investigation consequent to the recent tragic event of the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genova (Italy), where 43 people died and more of 500 people evacuated for safety reasons, has shown that the reports and data could be tampered with. Electronic data are easily subject to tampering or other malicious and criminal actions. Data tampering can occur to a different level: from data generation, to data storage and data communication.

In order to respond to the recent need of an infrastructure monitoring system safe from Data tampering, Spaceexe has started a project, called ASSURE, to integrate DEDALOS with Blockchain technology. This is an absolute novelty for the infrastructure monitoring system.

ASSURE project is funded by ESA and it will be developed in collaboration with SIPAL and Kydea.

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