WHEARE is an innovative technical and tactical live performance monitoring system for the professional football teams. Sport performance monitoring systems have become one of the main instruments for improvement of a professional football team. Rise the need for new technologies to have better performance analysis. WHEARE pushes forward the football analysis by combining physical and tactical performances analysis, all in real-time. Through the use of GALILEO, WHEARE reaches a high accuracy in positioning detection; LIVE technology enables performance analysis during an official match; finally, the extremely miniaturized devices and its competitive price make WHEARE a unique and innovative performance monitoring system.

WHEARE has gone through a long R&D process. First, Spaceexe presented the proof of concept of the GNSS integrated shinguard with real-time monitoring capabilities at the ESNC (European Satellite Nation Contest) in 2012. The project, called MESSI, took second place in the Italian prize. After that, Spaceexe has started a research project, MESSI PLUS, funded by Por Lazio. MESSI PLUS aimed at design and creating a first prototype of the Real-time system and reaching a TRL 5 of the system. This research project enabled the wireless streaming of positioning data in real-time with respect to the geo-reference on the football field.  Subsequently, Spaceexe moves up the system to TRL 6 and integrate new features such as the high precision in positioning,  to enable tactics analytics. Project has been funded under the Technology Transfer Program (TTP) of ESA. Finally, Spaceexe has moved from a concept of GNSS integrated shinguard toward devices worn by football players as the primary source of data.

Technical Performance WHEARE
Power supply Li-on battery
Weight 40g
Size 50x75x17 mm
Automomy 8h
Accuracy <5 meters
GPS sample rate 20Hz
No of players 32

WHEARE is an innovative product and Spaceexe is developing two different versions to get it into the market. The first one is a system dedicated to monitoring professional team football matches. In this regard, during the test phase, Spaceexe has collected different successful trials with F.C. Genoa, Reading F.C.. and Italian Women National Team. Spaceexe is about to get into this market through sport performance monitoring of A.S. Roma Women. The second version of WHEARE is a simplified monitoring system dedicated to amateur football players. We believe that an instrument to record performance in amateur football could be hugely successful, as was the case of monitoring devices for amateur runners.

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